Lesson 3

  1. Allude
    V.To refer to in an indirect way (used with to)

    N. Allusion
  2. Consecrate
    • V. 1)To set part as holy.
    • 2)To dedicate to; to devote
  3. Disseminate
    V. To scatter or spread widely.

    N. Dissemination
  4. Dote
    V. To show excessive fondness for (used with on or upon))
  5. Exhort
    V. To urge strongly; to warn or appeal.

    N. Exhortation
  6. Feckless
    Adj. Careless or irresponsible.
  7. Implicate
    V. To show to be involved with something;specially dishonest or illegal.
  8. Lament
    V. To feel or express grief.

    N. Lamentation or Lament An expression of sorrow or grief in the form of a poem, story, etc.
  9. Monetary
    Adj. Of or relating of money or currency.
  10. Pensive
    Adj. Deep in thought; dreamingly thoughtful.
  11. Pomp
    N. A showy or dignified display.
  12. Stilted
    Adj. Artificially stiff or formal in manner.
  13. Subjugate
    V. To bring under control; to conquer.

    N. Subjugation
  14. Trauma
    • N. 1) A severe bodily injury.
    • 2)Emotional shock.

    Adj. Traumatic
  15. Wanton
    • Adj. 1)Ignoring what is right.
    • 2) Excessive or unrestrained.
    • 3)Playful or froclism
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