2008 Multiple Choice

  1. What is the term for a rabbit doe giving birth?

    C. Kindling
  2. What are the stages of mitosis in their correct order?

    A. Interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
  3. What are the stages of estrous in their correct order?

    C. Anestrus, proestrus, estrus, diestrus
  4. This is breeding closely related animals:

    B. Out crossing
  5. This term is used for male animals with a retained testicle:

    A. Cryptorchidism
  6. These animals lay eggs:

    A. Oviparous
  7. This basic nutrient provides energy, fiber, and bulkiness to an animal's diet:

    A. Carbohydrates
  8. Because cats are true carnivores, they need increased amounts of this amino acid in their diet:

    B. Taurine
  9. Which of these vitamins is fat-soluable?

    C. Vitamin A
  10. How many calories are in one kilocalorie?

    D. 1,000
  11. This is gaseous distension in an animal's stomach:

    B. Bloat
  12. A deficiency of iodine in the diet of birds may lead to this condition:

    B. Goiter
  13. This rabbit disease is caused by the bacteria Pasteurella multocida:
    A. Enteritis
    B. Wet Dewlaps
    C. Snuffles
    D. Tyzzer's Disease
    C. Snuffles
  14. This canine internal parasite lives in the dog's lower digestive tract, especially the cecum:

    B. Whipworm (Trichuris vulpis)
  15. This is a common fungal disease of mammals:

    A. Ringworm
  16. This disease can be spread by drinking or swimming in water contaminated by infected animal urine:

    A. Leptospirosis
  17. Even though the most common way to contract this zoonotic disease is by eating undercooked meats, pregnant women should avoid handling cat litter boxes as well to avoid exposure to it.

    A. Toxoplasmosis
  18. This tick can infest buildings and kennels:

    D. The brown dog tick
  19. Heartworm is transmitted from one dog to another by this parasite:

    B. Mosquito
  20. Another name for this disease is "Ich":

    A. White Spot
  21. This cat comes in 3 types: rumpy, stumpy, and longy:

    C. Manx
  22. These rabbits are raised for their wool, prized by hand spinners in the USA.

    C. English Angora
  23. How long is the gestation of the canine?

    B. 63 days
  24. Which of the following blood cells is a leukocyte or white blood cell?

    B. Eosinophil
  25. This bone is commonly called the shoulder blade:

    A. Scapula
  26. This term is used for an abnormal increase in an animal's heart rate:

    A. Tachycardia
  27. This muscular wall separates the right and left sides of the mammalian heart:

    A. Septum
  28. This is the term for a decreased level of calcium:

    C. Hypocalcemia
  29. This term describes a stumbling gait:

    C. Ataxia
  30. To encourage preening in birds, they should be offered this:

    D. Regular bathing or misting
  31. What is a general rule of thumb to determine how many fish you can have in a tropical fresh water fish tank?

    A. 1 inch of fish for every 102 inches of tank surface area
  32. This is a common blood vessel used to take a dog's pulse:

    C. The femoral artery
  33. Which of the following is NOT a benign tumor?

    B. Fibrosarcoma
  34. The number of cervical vertebrae in all mammalians is:

    D. 7
  35. The three portions of the small intestine are the:

    A. Duodenum, jejunum, ileum
  36. The reproductive cycle in the female dog is:

    C. Monoestrous
  37. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for:

    B. Sensing the teeth and face
  38. The word "plasma" refers to:

    A. The fluid portion of the blood
  39. During respiration, gas exchange occurs in the:

    A. Alveoli
  40. Copper is mainly stored in the:

    C. Liver
  41. The guaranteed analysis in a pet food label contains (as %):

    C. Minimum for crude protein, fat, with maximum for moisture and crude fiber
  42. Antibiotics are effective in:

    B. Bacterial infections
  43. Dogs should be bathed:

    B. Only when they become extremely dirty
  44. Leptrospirosis in a dog is usually affecting:

    A. Liver, GI tract and kidney
  45. Gill flukes in fishes are caused by:

    A. Parasites
  46. During a meal, fish should receive the amount of food they can consume in:

    A. 5 minutes
  47. Fluid accumulation in the abdomen is a common finding in dogs affected by:

    A. Heartworms
  48. The portion of the stomach that leads to the small intestine is called:

    C. Pylorus
  49. Which of the following foodstuffs should NOT be fed to young rabbits?

    A. Green lettuce
  50. The two main proteins of the muscle myofilaments are:

    D. Actine and myosin
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