Chapter Two

  1. If you want to demonstrate teh cause of behavior then you need to conduct____research
    A: experimental
  2. research that provides descriptive info andmay demonstrate associations between variables is most likely
    d. correlational research
  3. _________ are broad explanations and predictionso about phenomena while _______ are specific testable predictions
    d: theories; hypotheses
  4. all of the following are steps in the scientific method EXCEPT
    • a identify qauestions of interest
    • b formulate explanations
    • d carry out researach to support or refute explanations
  5. Encouraging competition among students to achieve the highest score on a test is an example of the __________cultural orientations, reflecting the achievement values of that culture. The_________ cultural orientation would more likely encourage the class to work together to achieve the highest group score on the test.
    b. indiviualitstic; collectivist
  6. Newborn babies preference for himan faces is important since babies are dependent on their parents for survival. This outlook suports the _________perspective
    b. evolutionary
  7. Ayala beleives that you cannot consider the child without examaning the child's surrounding environment. Part of Ayla's approach to child development is that all of these people and social institutions affect teh child as the child also affects the people and institutions. ayla supports the ______perspective
    c. contextual
  8. Krystals mother is not concerened that krystal is not yet able to do simple math computations. she beleives that as krystal frows, her mental abilities will change and she will then be able to do this matha nd more. kfryals mother supports the _________ prespective
    c. cognitive
  9. willards father beleives that by creating trhe right environment and rewarding desirable behaviors , willard can frow up to be a senator. Willards' father seems to support the _________perspective
    C. behavioral
  10. Believing that a young child's aggressive behavior is the result of unconscious motivations supports the ________ perspective
    a. psyschodynamic
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