nursing skills chpt 2

  1. nursing process
    an organized sequence of problem-solving steps used to identify and to manage the health problems of clients
  2. within the legal scope of nursing
    an independent problem-solving role that involves the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems
  3. critical thinking
    a process of objective reasoning or analyzing facts to reach a valid conclusion
  4. objective data
    • observable and measurable facts;
    • also known as signs
  5. subjective data
    • consists of information that only the client feels and can describe;
    • also known as symptoms
  6. data base assessment
    initial information about the client's physical,emotional, social, and spiritual health

    serves as a reference point for comparing all future data andf identifies the client's initial problems
  7. focus assessment
    information that provides more details about specific problems and expands the original data base

    usually repeated frequently to determine trends
  8. The NANDA List
    developes and approves nursing diagnosis terms
  9. NANDA List
    developes and approves nursing diagnosis terms
  10. collaborative problems
    physiologic complications that require both nurse- and physician- prescribed interventions
  11. planning
    the process of prioritizing nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems, identifying measurable goals or outcomes, selecting appropriate interventions, and documenting the plan of care
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