nursing skills chpt 1

  1. Theory
    • opinion, belief, or view that explains a process
    • comes from Greek word meaning "vision"
  2. care plan
    • ADPIE
    • assessing subjective & objective
    • diagnosing reporting abnormal data
    • planning setting measurable goals
    • implementing perform basic nursing care
    • evaluating observe progress of client
  3. advanced practice roles
    nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery
  4. cross-trained
    able to assume non-nursing jobs
  5. primary care
    the first health care worker to assess a person with a health need
  6. discharge planning
    managing transitional needs and ensuring continuity
  7. clinical pathways
    • standardized multidisciplinary
    • plans for a specific diagnosis or procedure that identify aspects of care to be performed during a designated length of stay
  8. quality assurance
    process of identifying and evaluating outcomes
  9. nursing skills
    activities unique to the practice of nursing
  10. assessment skills
    acts that involve collecting data
  11. caring skills
    nursing interventions that restore or maintain a persons health
  12. activities of daily living
    ADLs: the acts that people normally do every day
  13. counseling skills
    interventions that include communicating with clients, actively listening during exchanges of information, offering pertinent health teaching, and providing emotional support
  14. active listening
    delonstrating full attention to what is being said, hearing both the content being communicated and the unspoken message
  15. empathy
    intuitive AWARENESS of what the client is experiencing
  16. comforting skills
    interventions that provide stability and security during a health-related crisis
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