Western Civ Chapter 5

  1. oikoumene
    inhabited world
  2. Diaspora
    Jews who lived outside of Palestine
  3. Callimachus
    • Alexandrian scholar-poet
    • Pretty big Homer fan
    • urged poets to write short, good poems
  4. Apollonius
    wrote epic Argonautica about Jason to tick off teacher Callimachus
  5. Theocritus
    wrote pastorals about nature
  6. Menander
    wrote plays about Athens in late fourth century
  7. Polybius
    wrote histories about rise of Rome
  8. Eratosthenes
    • alexandrian geographer
    • divided planet into climactic zones
    • declared that oceans are joined
    • accurately measured Earth's circumferance
  9. Archimedes
    • mathmetician
    • physicist
    • inventor
  10. Polybius
    Histories- accounted for Rome's position as a world empire with many nationalities and whatnot
  11. Epicurus
    taught value of passivity and withdrawal from civic life
  12. Zeno
  13. Carneades
    all ideas, even matematic and such, should be thought of as assumptions, not absolutes
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