SAT Vocab

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  1. Arid
    Extremely dry
  2. astral
    relating to the stars.
  3. nautical
    pertaining to sailing
  4. lunar
    to the moon!
  5. prolific
    fecund, abundant
  6. fallow
    dormant, inactive
  7. cosmic
    relating to the universe
  8. celestial
    heavenly, astral; relating to the sky
  9. arable
    fertile, fruitful
  10. desiccated
    completely dried out; parched
  11. quagmire
    swampy land, or difficult situation
  12. bucolic
    characteristic of the countryside
  13. rustic
    like the country
  14. sylvan
    like the country
  15. rural
    also like the country
  16. pastoral
    and still like the country
  17. till
    to cultivate or sow
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