Lesson 1

  1. Bewail
    V. To express deep regret or sorrow over.
  2. Destitute
    • Adj. 1)Without the resources or possessions, specially the necesiries of life.
    • 2)Lacking; devoid of.
  3. Detract
    V. To take away,specially from great value, beauty or importance.

    N. Detractor
  4. Emancipate
    V. To set free from slavery; to liberate.

    N. Emancipation
  5. Extol
    V. To praise highly.
  6. Flamboyant
    Adj. Excessively showy; unrestrained.

    N. Flamboyance, Flamboyancy
  7. Impetus
    • N. 1)A driving force; anything that causes an action.
    • 2)Increased activity caused from a driving force.
  8. Insuperable
    Adj.Incapable of being overcomed or defeated
  9. Inttermitent
    Adj. Not continuous, happening at intervals
  10. Maxim
    N. A general truth or role of conduct; a short saying.
  11. Obligatory
    Adj. Required or demanded.
  12. Plumb
    • V. 1)To measure the depth of water
    • 2)To reach the deepest part of.
    • 3)To understand by examining closely; to solve.

    Adj. Straight up and down; vertical
  13. Vagabond
    N. A person who wanders from place to place.
  14. Visage
    N. A face, specially one that express feelings.
  15. Wheedle
    • V. 1)To coax by using sly persuasion insincere prise.
    • 2)To gain by using sly persuasion or insincere prise.
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