Western Civ Chapter 4

  1. Ionia
    Home of first phiosophers ever
  2. Thales
    • First philosopher
    • water was foundation of everything
    • first person to predict an eclipse
  3. Anaximander
    • the "Boundless" was foundation of everything
    • air was primary element
  4. Pythagoras
    thought that math rocked
  5. Parminides
    • combined philosophy and logic
    • founder of modern arguing
  6. metaphysics
    "Dude, like, what's it all about man? Like, why are we even here?"
  7. Democritus
    • "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of guy
    • two fundamental realities:empty space, infinate number of atoms
  8. Hippocrates
    • detailed records
    • classified symptoms
    • predicted future symptoms and whatnot
  9. Sophists
    • wandering teachers
    • relativists-no one truth is universally valid
    • attacked idea of sophrosyne(moderation of self discipline)
  10. Socrates
    • many similarities with Sophists, as well as profound differences
    • attacked reletivism
    • wanted to remove ethics from authority, tradition, dogma, superstion, and myth
    • wrong thoughts=wrong actions
    • knowing what is right=doing right
  11. dialectics
    • created by Socrates
    • learning by answering questions and having conversations
  12. Plato
    • studied under Socrates
    • Realm of Ideas-higher plane where thoughts and dreams live
    • Just State-reformation based on rational principles
  13. Aristotle
    • super awsome at everything
    • more down to Earth than Plato
    • to live the good life you must be politically active
  14. Sappho
    • Woman poet from Lesbos
    • poems about friendship and love
  15. Pindar
    • lyric poet
    • believed that life sucked but people should try hard anyway
  16. Thespis
    Fist known actor ever
  17. Hesiod
    • Theogony-lots of mythology, influence on philosophy
    • Works and Days-toil of working man
  18. Aeschylus
    • playwright
    • fought in battle of Marathon
    • urged conservative beliefs and values
  19. Sophocles
    excelled at dramatic technique and character portrayal
  20. Euripides
    • wrote tragedies
    • subjected humanity to critical analysis
    • challenged human conventions
  21. Aristophanes
    • Greek comedy writer
    • criticized Socrates in The Clouds
  22. Herodotus
    "father of history"
  23. Thucydides
    concentrated on political crisis of Peloponnesian war
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