SAT Vocab

  1. etymology
    study of the origin of words
  2. archaeology
    study of past cultures
  3. anthropology
    study of human cultures
  4. ethics
    study of and philospohy of moral choice
  5. semantics
    the study of meanings of words and symbols
  6. theology
    study of religion
  7. pathology
    study of disease
  8. sociology
    study of human social behavior and social institutions
  9. entomology
    study of insects
  10. genealogy
    the study of ancestry
  11. demographics
    the study of statistics relating to human populations
  12. oncology
    the study of tumors
  13. paleontology
    the study of fossils and ancient life
  14. neurology
    the study of the human brain and nervous system
  15. cytology
    the study of cells
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