SAT Vocab

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  1. disseminate
    to spread information
  2. diverge
    to go apart; divide
  3. proliferate
    to grow rapidly
  4. amass
    to accumulate, to gather together
  5. distend
    to swell, to increase in size, dilate
  6. propagate
    to cause to multiply; to publicize; to travel through a medium; breed
  7. inundate
    to flood, overwhelm
  8. deluge
  9. diffuse
    to spread out, as a gas
  10. germinate
    to sprout, to grow
  11. burgeon
    develop, germinate
  12. rampant
    growing out of control
  13. rife
    ramant, prevalent
  14. dissipate
    to scatter or disperse
  15. saturate
    to fill completely as with a liquid or solute
  16. disperse
    to spread apart
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