Ecology Ch. 1

  1. What is Ecology?
    study of relationships between organisms and the environment
  2. What is the level of heirarchy?
    individuals, populations, interactions, community, ecosystem, landscape, region, biosphere
  3. What is an individual?
    domain of physiological (study the evolution of physiological and anatomical mechanisms by which org. solve problems physically / chemically in the environment) / behavioral ecology (study evolution of behaviors that allows animals to survive and reproduce when environment changes)
  4. What is a population?
    group of individuals of a single species in a an area
  5. What do interactions deal with?
    predation, parasitism, competition
  6. What is a community?
    association of interacting species
  7. What is an ecosystem?
    include physical / chemical factors - energy flow / decomposition, multispecies systems, all ecosystem / communities are open systems subject to exchange
  8. What is a landscape?
    a heterogeneous area consisting of distinctive patches, or elements organized into a mosaic pattern
  9. What is a region?
  10. What is a biosphere?
    portions of earth that support life (global ecosystem)
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