Western civ exam 2

  1. Achievements of Hebrews vs. Greeks
    • religious-ethical thought
    • rational thought
  2. helots
    p.o.w.'s that served as slaves and state serfs in Greece
  3. perioikoi
    • Conquered Greeks under "Jim Crow"-ish laws
    • Did most of the trade and crafts work in Greece
  4. Draco
    Made set of really harsh laws
  5. Solon, the Reformer
    • wise traveler and poet
    • lessened impact of gods
    • strong believer in Dike
  6. Dike
    principle of justice that underlies the human community
  7. Pisistratus, the Tyrant
    • Aristocrat
    • Pretended to be champion of the poor by giving away aristocrat's land
    • promoted culture
  8. Cleisthenes, the Democrat
    • redistricted the the city, ending aristocratic rule
    • initiated ostracism
  9. Themistocles
    defeated Persians by forcing them into a tight space
  10. Pericles
    statesman, orator, military commander
  11. Philip II
    • Macedonian king
    • conquered Greece
    • father of Alexander the Great
  12. Demosthenes
    • Orator
    • Crap Speaker
    • Warned Greece of Phillip II
  13. Hubris
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