Poetry Terms

  1. Symbol
    A concrete object used to represent an idea
  2. Simile
    A figure of speech that compares two things using like or as
  3. Personification
    A figure of speech in which a nonhuman thing is given human characteristics
  4. Paradox
    A true statement that says two opposite things
  5. Oxymoron
    Connecting two words with opposite meanings
  6. Metaphor
    A figure of speech that compares two things without using the words like or as
  7. Hyperbole
    Exaggeration used to emphasize a point
  8. Verse
    A metric line of poetry. It is named according to the kind and number of feet composing it: iambic pentameter, for example

    • Monometer: One Foot
    • Dimeter: Two Feet
    • Trimeter: Three Feet
    • Tetrameter: Four Feet
    • Pentameter: Five Feet
    • Hexameter: Six Feet
    • Heptameter: Seven Feet
    • Octometer: Eight Feet
  9. Meter
    The patterned repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry
  10. Foot
    The smallest repeated pattern of stressed and unstressed sylables in a poetic line

    • Iambic: An unstressed followed by a stressed syllable u/
    • Anapestic: Two unstressed followed by a stressed syllable uu/
    • Trochaic: A stressed followed by an unstressed syllable /u
    • Dactylic: A stressed followed by two unstressed syllables /uu
    • Spondaic: Two stressed syllables //
    • Pyrrhic: Two unstressed syllables uu
  11. Onomatopoeia
    The use of a word whose sound suggests its meaning, as in clang, buzz, and twang
  12. Euphemism
    A word or a phrase that is substituted for another because it is considered a less offensive way of saying something
  13. Alliteration
    The repetition of initial consonant sounds in words
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