Organic Molecules

  1. How many Covalent Bonds are formed by One Carbon
    Four, because in the outter shell there are only 4 electrons, which make Carbon Ionic and unhappy ready yo bond
  2. Why does Carbon form Covalent Bonds
    Because Carbon does not have a strong tendency to Gain or Lose Electrons on its partially filled outer shell
  3. How many Electrons are being shared during a Double Covalent Bond
    There will be Two Pair of Shared Electrons
  4. What is an Organin Molecule
    Molecules that contain both Carbon and Hydrogen
  5. Define Hydrophobic Molecule
    Water loving, because the molecules are attracted to water
  6. Define Macromolecule
    Large Organic Molecules
  7. Define Monomer
    The Building Block or Single Sub-Unit (One)
  8. Define Isomer
    Molecules that have the same Molecular Formula but Different Structural Formula
  9. Define Dimer
    A Molicule composed of Two Monomers, they are synthesised by combining two Monomers through the process called Dehydration Sysnthesis
  10. Define Polymer
    A molicule that contains Three or more monomers
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