1. Tort
    • causing injury to a person
    • intentionally or because of negligence
  2. Negligence
    • an action taken without the
    • forethought that should have been taken by a reasonable person; a mistake
  3. Intentional mistake
    penalty ranges from criminal charges to awarding of damages
  4. Negligent mistake
    affect employment and can result in punitive damages
  5. Drugs that are not required Child-Resistant Caps
    Betamethasone Tablet; Cholestyamine Powder; Colestipol Powder; Erythromycin (E.E.S) Tablet; Granules; Isosorbide dinitrate (<10mg) Sublingual/Chewable tablets; Mebendazole table; Methylprednisolone tablet; Nitroglycerin sublingual; Prednisone tablet; Sodium fluoride package
  6. Drugs requiring additional information
    Estrogens, injectable contraceptives, Intrauterine devices, oral contraceptives, Progestational drugs, Retinoids.
  7. Have no prescribing authority in any state
  8. Nonjudgmental
    means that any task completed in a pharmacy setting must be checked and approved by a pharmacist, Limits technicians from interpreting scientific studies, counseling patients, or conferring with other medical personnel
  9. Hyperalimentation
    Parenterals nutrition for patients who are unable to eat solids or liquids
  10. The pharmacy association run for and solely by technicians is
    national pharmacy technician associaton
  11. AAPH
    American Association of pharmacy Technicians
  12. Shaman
    Medicine person who holds a high place of honor in a tribe
  13. Dogma
    Code of beliefs based on tradition rather than fact
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