Phoebe Spelling

  1. Annex
    (noun) a part that is added: an added part to a building
  2. candidate
    (noun) a person who desires to be elected to some office or honor
  3. abstain
    (verb) to do without
  4. commit
    (verb) to involve or pledge oneself: to be bound to do
  5. consequence
    (noun) a result of one's actions
  6. constellation
    (noun) a grouping of stars that form a pattern
  7. depict
    (verb) to portray by picture or word.
  8. discontent
    (adj) unhappy: displeased: dissatisfied: (noun) unhappiness or dissatisfaction
  9. emigrate
    (verb) to move from one's own country to live in another
  10. fierce
    (adj) intense;wild; furious
  11. grovel
    (verb) to creep at someone's feet; to humble oneself
  12. impact
    (noun) a collision of one thing against another; a striking
  13. juvenile
    (noun) a young person; (adj)of or for children
  14. misfit
    (noun) a person who is not suited for a particular job or group
  15. perch
    (verb) to rest or settle in a high place or on an insecure surface
  16. qualm
    (noun) a sudden uneasiness or doubtfulness in mind.
  17. smolder
    (verb) to burn and smoke without flame.
  18. tedious
    (adj) boring: tiring
  19. tension
    (noun) the stress that results from stretching: a strain
  20. vital
    (adj) essential; critical
  21. alliance
    (noun) bond or connection between countries, parties, or persons
  22. fluster
    Challenge word (verb) to make very confused and bothered
  23. infamous
    Challenge word - (adj) having a bad reputation
  24. misdemeanor
    Challenge Word (noun) less serious crime than a felony
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