Art Test Vocab

  1. context
    the varied connections of a work of art to the larger world of its time and place
  2. vanitas
    unity, life
  3. composition
    the organization of lines, shapes, colors, and other art elements in a work of art
  4. naturallistic
    portrayes the visible world realisticaly in art
  5. abstract
    distorted, fragmented, purposelly simplified art
  6. iconography
    the identification, description, and interpretation of the subject matter in art
  7. representational
    descriptive of a work of art that depicts forms in the natural world
  8. nonrepresentational(non objective)
    descriptive of art that does not represent or otherwise refer to the visible world outside of itself
  9. form
    the physical appearance of a work of art-its materials, style, and composition
  10. contour line
    the perceived edges of a three dimensional form such as the human body
  11. value
    the relative lightness or darkness of a gue, or of a neutral varying from white to black
  12. hue
    the family name of a color, independent of its particular value or saturation
  13. pigment
    a coloring material made from various organic or chemical substances
  14. primary colors
    a hue that , in theory, cannot be created by a mixture of other hues
  15. complimentary colors
    hues that inensify each other when juxaposed and dull each other when mixed
  16. monochrome
    having only one color
  17. polychrome
    multiple colors on one entity
  18. scale
    size in relation to some normal or constant size
  19. proportion
    size relationship between parts of a whole. or between two or more items
  20. hierarchical scale
    the representation of more important figures as larger than less important figures
  21. wash
    ink or watercolor paint thinned so as to flow freely onto a support
  22. pastel
    a drawing medium consisting of sticks of color made of powdered pigment and a relatively weak binder.
  23. medium
    the material from which a work of art is made
  24. support
    the surface on which a work of two-dimmensionalart is made; ex canvas,paper, or wood
  25. ground
    a preparatory coating of paint, usualy white but sometimes colored, applied to the support for a painting or drawing
  26. sfumato
    a technique of painting in thin glaze to achieve a hazy, claudy atmosphere
  27. cartoon
    a full-scale preparatory drawing for a fresco or mural
  28. rococo
    • 18th century
    • emphasized ornate but small-scale decoration, curvilinear forms, and pastel colors. paintings have playful, light-hearted, romantic quality and often pictures the aristrocracy at leisure
  29. triptych
    a composition consisting of the three panels side by side
  30. mannerism
    • 16th century
    • mannerist artists cultivated a variety of elegant, refined, virtuosic, and highly artificial styles, often featuring elongated figures, sinuous contours, bizarre effects of scale and lighting, shallow pictorial space, and inense colors.
  31. classical
    any art that emphasizes rational order, balance, harmony, and restraint, especially if it looks to the art of ancient greece and rome for models
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