1. Aesculapius
    God of medicine in Greek mythology
  2. Aristotle
    Greek scientist
  3. Bacon Roger
    English scientist responsible for scientific methods.
  4. Galen
    Greek physician
  5. Hippocrates
    Greek physician and philosopher, “father of medician”
  6. Mende Gregor
    Scientist and monk, “the father of genetics”
  7. Paracelsus
    Swiss physician, philosopher, and scientist
  8. Formulary
    • A list of preferred drugs to be stocked by the pharmacy; also a list of
    • drugs covered by an insurance company.
  9. Trephining
    an incision into the skull to create an exit portal for disease.
  10. In early America doctors are
    Responsible for diagnosing conditions, preparing the necessary remedy, the first druggists.
  11. One of the most popular tonics made for medicinal use in early America
    Opium and alcohol
  12. The main remedies used in early American history included
    Cinchona bark (quinine) to treat malaria, mercury to treat syphilis, chalk for heartburn, rose petals for headaches.
  13. The first pharmacy technician is
    Military personnel
  14. The time when pharmacies were owned and run by pharmacists was
    After civil war
  15. Bloodletting
    Poisons causing illness could be eliminated through bleeding patients.
  16. Legend drug
    Drug that requires a prescription for dispensing.
  17. Monograph
    Medication information sheet provided by the manufacturer that includes side effects, dosage forms, indications, and other important information.
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