World History Chapter 3

  1. a soul's good and bad deeds
  2. Indo-Europeans migrated to Europe, India, and Southwest Asia around
    1500 BC
  3. Religion that will not harm any creature and practices religious tolerance.
  4. What was the last remaining large tribe of Hebrews?
  5. Who drove the Philistines out of Canaan?
    King Saul
  6. Who built a temple to house the Ark of the Covenant?
    King Solomon
  7. Who destroyed Solomon's temple?
    King Nebuchadnezzar
  8. What was the basis of Hebrew law?
    the ten commandments
  9. What was the basis of Hebrew law?
    The Aryans
  10. People thought to be so unclean they were placed outside of the caste system.
    the untouchables
  11. Where was the Promise Land?
  12. What was the Phoenicians greatest legacy?
    Their alphabet
  13. Who united the Hebrew tribes and created the Kingdom of Israel?
    King David
  14. When did Siddhartha Gautama become the Buddha?
    when he reached enlightenment
  15. King Solomon was known for???
    • -his wisdom
    • -building a trading empire
    • -constructing a great temple
  16. the belief that people are reborn into new lives
  17. The most sacred writings of the Jewish religion are the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible
  18. What technologies in war helped the Hitties create an empire that dominated Southwest Asia for over 450 years?
    Iron weapons and chariots
  19. What Hindu word is similar in meaning to the Buddhism idea of nirvana?
  20. What helped the spread of culture, ideas, and religion throught the ancient world?
  21. What determines a person's place in the Caste System?
  22. After the death of Solomon, into what 2 nations was his kingdom divided?
    Judah and Israel
  23. Who did God make the 1st Covenant with?
  24. The Indo-European language are ancestors to??
    English, German, Spanish
  25. Who did God choose to be the father of the Hebrew people?
  26. Migrations by Indo-Europeans lead to major changes in trade and languages as well as to the foundations of what three religions?
    Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism
  27. According to the Four Noble Truths, how does one end all desires?
    Follow the Middle Way
  28. Where did the Minoans control trade?
    the Mediterranean Sea
  29. The emphasis on right conduct and the worship of one God is called
    Ethical Monotheism
  30. How are the Aryans different from the people of India?
    • -they were taller
    • -light-skinned
    • -spoke a diff. language
  31. What are some ways Buddhism and Hinduism share beliefs in?
    • -reincarnation
    • -enlightenment
    • -clinical view of history
  32. why did the red-purple dye produced by Phoenicians become associated with royalty?
    the color was expensive to produce
  33. Who did God command to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and slavery?
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