Chapter 4: Independence

  1. Agreement signed by Great Britain and the US granting the US independence, territory, and fishing rights.
    Treaty of Paris
  2. Indian war led by Ottawa chief Pontiac against settlers of western lands.
    Pontiac's Rebellion
  3. _________
  4. Tax on all printed materials
    Stamp Act
  5. Secret group of patriots formed in 1765 to oppose the stamp act and to protest British authority in the colonies.
    Sons of Liberty
  6. Delegates from 9 colonies gather in NYC to discuss how to get rid of Stamp Act
    Stamp Act Congress
  7. __________
    Native American Attitude
  8. Banned settlement west of the Appalation Mountains.
    Proclamation of 1763
  9. Tax on sugar, molassas, tea, etc.
    Sugar Act
  10. The colonists agreement to not buy British goods.
    Nonimportage agreements
  11. -Boston Sons of Liberty
    -Failed at brewing
    -House of Represenatives for Massachusetts
    Samual Adams
  12. Law saying British Government can govern America.
    Declaratory Act
  13. -Great Britain's finance minister
    -He thinks people opposed the Stamp Act because tax was collected in the colonies.
    Charles Townshend
  14. Search warrants issued to aid customs officers in the search for smuggled goods
    Writs of assistance
  15. -5 colonists dead
    -Between colonists and the British
    -Angry Crowd
    Boston Massacre
  16. Allowment to let British sell tea directly to the colonies without paying some duties.
    Tea Act
  17. Punishing Boston, British getting more powerful.
    Intolerable Acts
  18. Duties on imported goods.
    Townshend Acts
  19. Requiring the colonist to house and supply the British troops
    Quartering Act
  20. Group that informed colonists about British policies
    Committee of Correspondence
  21. 90,000lbs of tea in Boston Harbor to protest tax.
    Boston Tea Patry
  22. Religious rights to French Roman Catholics and Ouebec boundaries to Ohio River.
    Quebec Act
  23. Patriot Vicotry. Durring Revolutionary War which convinced France to be on Colonists side
    Battle of Saratoga
  24. RW battle which Washington's army attacked and beater Hessian army.
    Battle of Trenton
  25. RW battle in the west and the Patriots caputre another British fort
    Battle of Vincennes
  26. RW battle. British beat Patriots in SC
    Battle of Camden
  27. British surrendered here.
  28. Wrote to Lord North
    George III
  29. -First President
    -Served twice as a Virginia delegate.
    George Washington
  30. The French General in the battles
  31. Treaty signed so the colonies could no longer be a part of the British empire
    Treaty of Paris 1783
  32. Affects of the Revolution:
    • -Freedom
    • -No rule
    • -Republic
    • -Happy
  33. -There before the colonists
    -Angry about the colonists settling west
    Native Americans
  34. Plead for Peace
    Olive Branch Petition
  35. Hills good for protection, and don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes!
    Battle of Bunker Hill
  36. Meeting of delegates from 12 colonies to discuss how they hate British rule
    First Continental Congress
  37. Choose Washington as commander for the Army
    Second Continental Congress
  38. -Had absolutely no rights:
    -No vote
    -No property
    -No equalness
    Women and African Americans
  39. "Remember the Ladies..."
    Mum Bett
  40. Wrote first draft of Declaration of Independance
    Thomas Jefferson
  41. Wrote "Common Sense"
    Thomas Paine
  42. _______
    Patrick Henry
  43. Commander in chief for the British
    William Howe
  44. -General
    -For British
    -Admited Defeat
    Charles Cornwallis
  45. One of Washington's officers
    Henry Knox
  46. Be a Patriot?
    • -Fight until there is nothing
    • -Determined
  47. Be a loyalist?
    • -British are powerful
    • -Protected
  48. Army disadvantages
    • -Not experienced
    • -Not organized
    • -Not that big of an army to support them
  49. Foreigners helped by:
    • -Smuggled in goods
    • -France supported the colonists
  50. Lexington and Concord
    2 battles right next to eachother. 8 dead
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