Critical Injury 2

  1. Keloid
    a condition caused by abnormal healing in a scar with an overgrowth of dense connective tissue
  2. Keratosis
    a horny growth, such as a wart
  3. Kyphosis
    Abnormal curvature and increased dorsal prominence or the vertebral column
  4. Lockjaw
  5. Lordosis
    spinal curvature with forward convexity
  6. Luxation
  7. Miliaria
    a skin condition with cutaneous changes associated with sweat retention and abnormal release of sweat at different levels in the skin; prickly heat
  8. Myalgia
    pain in a muscle or muscles
  9. Myoma
    tumor derived from musclular components
  10. Myopia
  11. Myositis
    inflammation of a muscle, common voluntary muscle
  12. Myxoma
    tumor of connective or mucous tissue
  13. Nephritis
    inflammation of the kidney
  14. Neuralgia
    Paroxysmal, intense pain along the course of a nerve not associated with structural changes in the nerve
  15. Neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve with pain, hypersensitivity, numbness or burning, and loss of reflexes
  16. Neuroma
    tumor of the nervous system made up of nerve cells and fibers
  17. Nystagmus
    involuntary rapid movement of the eyeballs
  18. Onychia
    inflammation of the nail
  19. Ochitis
    inflammation of the testes with pain, swelling, and a feeling of weight
  20. Osteitis
    inflammation of a bone
  21. Osteoarthritis
    chronic degenerative joint disease with bony deformity
  22. Osteochondritis
    inflammation of the bone and cartilage
  23. Osteoma
    tumor containing bone tissue
  24. Osteomalacia
    softening of the bones, leading to deformities, due to insufficient calcification
  25. Osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the bone caused by infectious organism
  26. Osteoporosis
    increased porosity of the bone resulting in fragility
  27. Otitis
    Inflammation of the ear
  28. Palsy
  29. Paraplegia
    paralysis of lower limbs
  30. Parasthesia
    abnormal sensation of burning, prickling, tingling, or scrawling of the skin
  31. Paronychia
    Inflammation of tissue surrounding a fingernail
  32. Periarteritis
    inflammation of the outside layers of an artery and of surrounding tissues
  33. Pericarditis
    inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
  34. Periostitis
    inflammation of the membrane enclosing the surface of the bone
  35. Peritonitis
    inflammation of the membrane which lines the inferior of the abdominal cavity and surrounds the contained viscera
  36. Pertussis
    whooping cough
  37. Phlebitis (Thrombophlebitis)
    inflammation of a vein marked by formation of a clot of coagulated blood, edema, and pain
  38. Pityriasis Rosea
    noninfectious skin condition characterized by a maculopapular rash
  39. Pleurisy
    inflammation of the membrane enveloping the lungs
  40. Pneumonia
    inflammation of the lungs
  41. Pneumothorax
    accumulation of air in the cavity between the lung and the chest wall
  42. Polyneuritis
    simultaneous inflammation of many nerves; multiple peripheral neuritis
  43. Polyp
    nodular growth of a neoplastic or other tissue found usually on mucous membranes
  44. Pruritus
  45. Psoriasis
    a chronic skin disease marked by the formation of scaly red patches
  46. Ptosis
    prolapse or falling down of an organ, especially paralytic drooping of the upper eyelid
  47. Pyrexia
  48. Pyuria
    prescence of pus in the urine
  49. Rales
    abnormal respiratory sound
  50. Retinitis
    inflammation of the retina with impaired vision, edema, and exudation into the retina
  51. Rheumatic Fever
    a febrile disease associated with previous hemolytic streptococcal infection, marked by joint pain and predilection to heart damage
  52. Rhinitis
    inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose
  53. Sciatica
    pain along the course of the sciatic nerve, marked by parathesis, tenderness and wasting of affected muscles
  54. Scleroderm
    a systematic disease marked by hardening of connective tissue
  55. Sclerosis
    induration of hardening
  56. Scoliosis
    lateral curvature of the spine
  57. Shingles
    Herpes Zoster
  58. Spasm
    A sudden, violent, involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles with pain and disturbance of function
  59. Spondylitis
    inflammation of the vertabrae
  60. Stenosis
    narrowing of a duct or canal
  61. Stricture
    abnormal narrowing of a canal, duct, or passage
  62. Stye
    hordeolum; inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelids
  63. Subluxation
    incomplete dislocation
  64. Suppuration
    formation and discharge of pus
  65. Syncope
  66. Syndrome
    a group of symptoms
  67. Tachycardia
    excessive rapid heart action
  68. Tachypnea
    excessive rapid, shallow breathing
  69. Tenosynovitis
    inflammation of a tendon sheath
  70. Tetanus
    lock jaw, a disease caused by a toxin elaborated by "clostridium tetani" marked by tonic spasm of the masseter muscles, causing trismus ("lockjaw") and spasms of the back muscles producing opisthotonos
  71. Tetany
    a condition marked by intermittent, painful tonic spasm of the muscle
  72. Thrombosis
    formation, development, prescence of a blood clot in the heart or a blood vessel
  73. Tic
    twitching, especially of the face
  74. Tinea Capitis
    fungal infection of the scalp
  75. Tinnitus
    a ringing, roaring, or hissing in the ears
  76. Torticollis
    wryneck, twisting of the neck and unnatural position of the head
  77. Tumor
    a swelling or abnormal enlargement; a new tissue growth which develops independently and has no physiologic use
  78. Ulcer
    surface disentigration of cutaneous or mucous tissue
  79. Uremia
    the retention of urinary constituents in the blood and the resulting toxic condition resulting from their deficient excretion
  80. Varicose Veins
    distended, knotted and tortuous veins, especially in the lower extremities
  81. Vasospasm
    spasm of the blood vessels
  82. Verruca
  83. Vertigo
    spinning sensation
  84. Wert
    localized, benign hypertrophy of the skin
  85. Wen
    sebaceous cyst
  86. Xerostomia
    Dryness of the mouth
  87. Zona
    herpes zoster
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