Tongue Diagnosis

  1. What is the tongue spirit?
    Is the vitality of color. If the root of the tongue has good vibrant color the prognosis is good regardless of the presenting tongue.
  2. Body Color-most important aspect?
    This is the color beneath the tongue coating. In terms of differentiation, it reflects the hot and cold.
  3. Body Shape of the Tongue
    • Body Shape
    • Features of Tongue
    • Texture
    • Body Movement
    • Clinical significance:state of organs, qi and Blood
  4. Tongue coating?
    • Observe root to tip.
    • Color of coating-reflects hot and cold influences more directly than any other aspect of tongue diagnosis,
    • White=cold, yellow=heat.
    • Thickness of coating-reflects the strength of a pathogenic factor in externally contracted disease.
    • Root-coating is 'firmly planted' in the tongue surface and grows out of it like grass grows from soil, the coating can't be scraped off.
  5. Tongue Moisture?
    provides an indication of the status of the body's fluid, the normal tongue is slightly moist.
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