Psyc 202

  1. Preoperational Stage:
    Piaget cog theory 2-7
  2. Growth Neuton:
    Nerve Cells
  3. Synapses
    Cap b/t neurons that allows for communication.
  4. Dendrigts:
    Fiber on a neuron that can carry into to its cell body and away from an axon.
  5. axon:
    carries info away from its cell body.
  6. myelin:
    • Fatty insulated substance allows for faster transmition.
    • ex: hand on hot stove; take longer for a baby brain and body to know its hot
  7. age 6: stops making neurons & Synapses
  8. Reticual Famalion:
    Attention Across ???
  9. Happocampus:
    Allows us to make new memories
  10. Corpus collosum:
    • woman has a larger coupus collosum
    • Allows for communication
    • massive bundle of fibers that ties hemi(s) together
  11. Lateralization of Hemi: Right Side
    abaities, abstract, positive and neg emotions left side of the body from neck down.
  12. Lateralization of Himi: Left side
    language and logic & right side of the body from neck down. positive emotions.
  13. Handedness:
    • What hand is dominate?
    • Position in utero.
  14. Health
    • a) 5-6 bouts of illness a year is normal.
    • b) Stress release hormon called cortisol which can decrease immune system funcion- worst on boys.
  15. Injury, accident & death:
    • a) auto accidents kids 2-7 years
    • b) fire or drowing
    • c) falling or home injuries
    • _ boys dies & or gets hurts more often.
  16. Nutrition- 5-9 years
    • a) Growth normons will decrease
    • b) appite decrease
    • c) taste aversion
  17. Child abuse- Many Kinds
    • 250K will be vervally abused
    • 500K Physically abused
    • cycles of abuse is on going.
    • Insurcity, mistrusting, agressive "bullies" low selfesteem, with drawn, poor grades, suide/ homicide
  18. Abused:
    • a) Handicaped kids are abused more often (Mental & physical)
    • b) over weight or under weight
    • c) difficult, fussy babies
    • e) dissoippointment
  19. Sleeping Habits: (birth-1 year)
    • a) Sleeps a lot 18-20 months
    • b) rim sleeping 6-9 hrs a night 1 years- an up.
  20. 2 Years of age
    • a) establish a day time routine
    • b) establish a night time routine.
    • *brush teeth
    • *snack & juice
    • *potty
    • *bear
    • *story time and bed.
  21. Pre Operatinal Stage 2-7 years
    Symbolic or semionic learning
    • Symbolic or semionic learning
    • 2 years age fonoglical awarness sound of alphebets.
    • 4 years age invented spelling based on how the word sounds
  22. Egocentrical:
    All about me
  23. Centrated:
    One track mind
  24. False Belife Prespective: 6-7 years
    they ask why the other person feels that way but still feel they are right even if they are wrong.
  25. Metamemory 5-6 years
    • Thinking about memory
    • will ask if parent remembers something that took place.
  26. Metacognition 5-6 years
    thinking about thinking.
  27. Fast mapping 2-5 years
    • make new word refrences.
    • inflection, gramidic markers and adding endings.
  28. Conservation:
    apperacne of object change but not quanity inside object.
  29. Vygotsky:
    Speech can be used for problem solving
    • birth -2: Whats going on in head.
    • 2-7 Private speech talks to themselves.
    • 6-7 egocentrical thought
    • pragments: health communication b/t all people.
  30. Types of play
    • Play Pretend: toys represents real objects
    • Play pretend: all objects can repersend any object
    • Construction Play: build & lear down objects teaches insuctive & deductive logic. A+B+C=D there for D=A+B+C
  31. Rule Governed Play:
    Team player, life there are rules, how to be a winner or loser.
  32. Sociodramatic play or role play
  33. IQ Test:
    • Intelegence quotient
    • used for learning disibilities or definets
  34. Head Start:
    found in the lower developments areas.
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