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  1. List “normal” files.
  2. ls file
    List only file
  3. ls -a
    List all files.
  4. Verbosely list "normal"
    ls -l
  5. ls -al
    Verbosely list all files.
  6. ls -al file
    Verbosely list only file
  7. rm file
    Remove file
  8. Remove dir & all subdirs.
    rm -r dir
  9. Move/Rename file1 to file2
    mv file1 file2
  10. Move/Rename dir1 to dir2.
    mv dir1 dir2.
  11. Copy file1 to file2
    cp file1 file2
  12. Change directory to dir.
    cd dir
  13. Make a directory dir.
    mkdir dir
  14. Remove the directory dir.
    rmdir dir
  15. Change owner of file to user.
    chown user file
  16. Change group of file to group
    chgrp group file
  17. Change permissions on file to
    755 rwxr-xr-x
    700 rwx------
    644 rw-r--r--
    600 rw-------
    chmod nnn file
  18. Find file (fast, not reliable)
    locate file
  19. Find file in subdir of dir (very slow, reliable)
    find dir -name file
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