gr.6/7 science vocab

  1. questioning
    to write a good question you must first decide what you want to know
  2. prediction
    a prediction states what is likely to happen based on what is already known
  3. hypothesizing
    coming up with an educated guess. never say maybe or probably in an hypothesis. always be certain and positive. like: "if an truck runs over a kid we will be fine." instead of. "A kid probably wont die if he is run over"
  4. variables
    variables are things that will change the out come of the experiment if changed.
  5. what are the 3 types of variables
    independent dependent and controlled.

    there is 1 independent variable and is the only one you change in the experiment.

    the 1 dependent variable is the variable changed by the independent variable.

    the controlled variables are all the variables never changed
  6. observing
    when you observe something you are using your senses to learn about the world around you.
  7. what are the 2 types of observations
    qualitative and quantitive

    quantitive are observations of stuff like measurements, time, volume and suff that can be measured.

    qualitative are observations of colour, smell, texture and things that can't be measured
  8. measuring
    is mesuring
  9. classifying
    classifying is sorting objects into groups based on the OBSERVATIONS you made on that object.
  10. infering
    an inference is a possible explanation of something that happened.
  11. interpreting data
    interpreting data is making sense of data. once you do this you should CLASSIFY the data
  12. communicating
    is communicating
  13. creating models
    once you finish your experiment you can create tables and models to explain evan more.
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