Psyc 202

  1. Attachments:
    Non- Chargable Bond
  2. Affectional Bons:
    Secutity W/ that attachment.
  3. synchrony:
    Built in thime frame in which partent respond to infants needs.
  4. emotional availabllity:
    meeting their emotional needs.
  5. Bolby Stage of attachments
    • 1) Non-focusing
    • a) non-sigaling orientation (birth-3 months)
    • 2) Focus on more then 1 figure proximily promoting (3-6 months)
    • 3) Secure bond 6 months fresess attachment
    • 4) Internal working model
    • b) DAD FUN
  6. Strange Situation: Remove mom
    Measure infants reactoin
  7. Strange Situation: Return Mom
    Return mom & re-measure
  8. Secure attachment:
    show distress when mom leaves but adjuster to the situation and are happy to see mom when she returns.
  9. Insercure attachment:
    1) Advoidant, ignore mom when she leaves & returns from a seperation
  10. Insecure attachment: Ambivelent-
    2) Cries the entire time when mom is gone when mom return they are angry & reject/ hit mom ehwn she returns.
  11. Insecure attachment: Disorganized
    disorganized; disturbed & disterbing.
  12. Daycare:
    • Can daycare alone reate and insecure attachment?
    • a) NO b/c the attachment is formed at home.
    • b) If an insecure attachment is formed at home daycare will only make it worst.
  13. Social Refrencing:
    Infants use facial expression to determine appropaite behavior on emotion.
  14. Seperation Anxity: (Distress Bond)
    Fear of leaving your security
  15. Stranger Anxiety:
    Fear of strangers.
  16. Temperament:
    personality infant infividual style of action and behaving.
  17. Types Of Temperanment:
    • Easy Going:
    • Baby eats, sleeps, & has reular BMs. Happy hardly fusses and well to adjust.
    • Diffacult Baby:
    • Seldom smilees very fussy, cries, does not adjust, irregular eating, sleeping and BMs.
    • Slow to warm up:
    • Regular BMS, eating & Sleeping: passive activity
  18. Goodness of Fit:
    Mom personality matches infants tempermant
  19. Niche Picking:
    Providing a environment based on out genetic make up.
  20. Subjecttive Self:
    • 1 year "I Self"
    • INfant know they exist they car recongize them selves in the mirror.
  21. Objec of self:
    • 2 years
    • they are and object like everything else (living and non living)
  22. Emotional Self:
    • 2 year
    • complex emotion: pride, humiliy, jealousy enxy sympath and empathy.
  23. Basic Emotion:
    Happiness, sadness 2-4 months
  24. Basic Emotions:
    Fear, anger 6-8 months
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