Writing and researching

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  1. chronicle
    a factual written account of important or historical event in the order of their occurence.
  2. repose
    • 1. temporary rest from activity, exitement, or exertion. esp. sleep or rest given by sleep
    • in repose her face looks relexing
    • 2. a state of peace; composure
    • he had lost his grace and repose
    • 3. lie down in rest,
    • how sweetly he would repose in the bed
    • 4. poetic/literary: lay something to rest on or in
    • repose something on or in
    • 5. 起居註 Diaries of Activities and Repose

    • =>reposeful and reposefully
  3. fastidious
    • 1. very attentive to and concern about accuracy and detail
    • he chose his words with fastidious care
    • 2. very concerned about matters of cleanliness
  4. at one's disposal
  5. full array of something
  6. some one has a first-hand familarity with something
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