Functions of Yin Organs

  1. What are the functions of Liver?
    • Stores Blood
    • Controls Smooth Flow of Qi
    • Controls sinews
    • manifests in the nails
    • Opens into the Eyes
    • controls tears
    • Houses the ethereal soul
    • is affected by anger
  2. What are the Heart Functions
    • Governs Blood
    • Controls the Blood vessels
    • Manifests in the complexion
    • Houses the Mind/Shen
    • Is related to Joy
    • Opens in the tongue
    • Controls Sweat
  3. What are the Lung Functions?
    • Govern Qi and Respiration
    • controls channels and blood vessels
    • regulates all physiological activity
    • opens into the nose
    • houses the corporeal soul
    • is affected by sadness, worry and grief
    • Regulates Water Passages
    • Controls Diffusing and Descending of Qi and BF
  4. What are the functions of the Spleen?
    • Controls Transformation and Transportation
    • Controls Ascending Qi
    • controls blood
    • controls muscles and 4 limbs
    • Opens in the mouth
    • Manifests on the lips
    • Controls the raising of Qi
    • Houses the Intellect
    • Is affected by pensiveness
  5. Functions of the Kidneys?
    • Control Reception of Qi
    • Stores Essence & Governs birth, growth, reproduction and development
    • Govern Water
    • Produces Marrow, fills up the brain and controls bones
    • Opens in the ears
    • manifests in the hair
    • controls spittle
    • controls the 2 lower orifices
    • Houses the Will Power
    • Controls the Gate of Life (ming men/minister fire)
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