Timber Terms

  1. Anchor Bolt
    Also called "j-bolt" or "l-bolt". Used to connect sill plates to footings.
  2. Anchor rod
    Connects tie down to the footing.
  3. APA
    American Plywood association (the engineered wood association)
  4. Boundary
    Edge of a Diaphragm. Typically along eave blocking and the trusses or rafters in line with the gable-end walls for a roof diaphragm, the end and rim joists fir a floor diaphragm and the end-posts and top and bottom members of a shear wall
  5. Chord
    top or bottom member of a truss, also used to describe the member along a diaphragm boundary
  6. Collector
    Structural member that connects a diaphragm to a shear wall in order to gather lateral forces spread throughout the diaphragm and deliver them to the shear wall.
  7. cripple wall
    a short wood framed member built on top of the foundation to support the first floor level
  8. diaphragm
    • Large area of sheathing (floor, roof, shear wall - could be vertical or horizontal)
    • EDGES MUST HAVE BOUNDARY MEMBERS and the sheathing panels must connect to these members and to framing members to transfer forces across the panel joints
  9. double plate
    two horizontal framing members at the top of a wall, typicaly spliced or lapped to give continuity or tie wall sections together
  10. drag strut
    essentially the same as a collector- connects a diaphragm to a shear wall
  11. drag tie

    though it could also mean a member that transmits force from one part of the structure to the other without collecting any force along the way
  12. edge
    • shear panels 4 egdes
    • 2 are ends
    • 2 are sides
  13. ER
    Evaluation Report
  14. ES
    Evaluation Service - Organization that certifies that materials meet the requirements if the various building codes.ES details installation requirements for many manufactured products.
  15. Header
    Horizontal member that spans across an opening in a way (typically over a doorway)
  16. Hold down
    similar to tie-down. a device used to keep the end of a shear wall from lifting up
  17. IBC
    International Building Code
  18. ICBO
    International Conference of Building Officials (published uniform building code)
  19. ICC
    International Code Council. published International Codes including IBC and the International Residential code
  20. ISANTA
    The International Staple, Nail and Tool association
  21. IRC
    International Residential Code
  22. King Stud
    Stud that extends to the top of a plate wall and connects to the end of a header
  23. Lateral
    Describing forces that act in a horizontal direction; usually caused by wind or earthquakes
  24. Mudsill
    same as sill
  25. NER-272
    National Evaluation Report issued by the National Evaluation Service that certifies the performance of power-driven nails and staples
  26. OSB
    Oriented Strand Board (aka wafer-board, flake-board - completely different from particleboard) thin wafers that are bonded together via high pressure and heat
  27. Pony wall
    A wall that does not extend to the full height from the floor to the ceiling
  28. SBCCI
    Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc.
  29. Shear
    Forces that act in opposite directions and tend to cause structural members to slip past each other
  30. Sheathing
    Used in to mean structural plywood or OSB panels applied to framing members
  31. Sill
    horizontal framing member at the base of a wall typically attached directly to a concrete or masonry footing
  32. Sole Plate
    horizontal framing member at the base of a wall, typically when attached to a wood-framed floor platform below
  33. stemwall
    concrete or masonry wall built on top of a footing and extending above the ground to support wood framing
  34. stud
    vertical wall framing member
  35. tie down
    a device used to keep the end of a shear wall from lifting up aka "hold-down"
  36. trimmer stud
    a stud adjacent to an opening in a wall. Support the header over an opening in a wall and do not extend ll the way up to the top plate
  37. top plate
    horizontal framing member at the top of a wall (aka double plate)
  38. UBC
    Uniform Building Code. Published by ICBO. 1997 last update - IBC took its place
  39. Wood Structural Panel
    generic term meaning either plywood or OSB
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