Chapter 6 Tour of the Cells

  1. Define magnification.
    Ratio of object's image size to real size.
  2. Define resolution.
    Measure of clarity of image; minimum distance to see two distinguishable points
  3. Define contrast.
    Visible differences in parts of sample
  4. 10-2 meter= 1/100m = .4 inch is?
    1 centimeter (cm)
  5. 10-3 m= 1/1000m is?
    1 millimeter (mm)
  6. 10-3 mm= 10-6 m= 1/1000mm= 1/1,000,000m is?
    1 micrometer aka micro (mu symbol & m)
  7. 10-3 mu m= 10-9 m is?
    1 nanometer (one-billionth of a meter)
  8. Cell factionation is what?
    • Image Upload 1
    • A way to get lots of the same cell parts together
  9. TEM: transmission electron microscope does what?
    Transmits a beam of electrons through a thin slice, look inside cell
  10. SEM: scanning electron microscope does what?
    Bounces a beam of electrons off the surface coated with gold, you get a 3D image of the outside
  11. What are the two basic types of cells?
    Prokaryotic and eukaryotic
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