English Vocab #6

  1. Absolve
    v. To forgive or free from blame
  2. Abstinent
    adj. Voluntarily not doing something
  3. Abstract
    adj. Theoretical, impersonal
  4. Abstruse
    adj. Hard to understand
  5. Abysmal
    adj. Extremely hopeless or wrenched; bottomless
  6. Accolade
    n. An award; an honor
  7. Accost
    v. To approach; to approach and speak to someone aggressively
  8. Acerbic
    adj. Bitter; sour; severe
  9. Acquiesce
    v. To comply passively; to accept; to agree
  10. Acrid
    adj. Harsh
  11. Acrimonious
    adj. Full of spite; bitter; nasty
  12. Acumen
    n. Keenness of judgement; mental sharpness
  13. Acute
    adj. Sharp; shrewd
  14. Catholic
    adj. Universal; embracing everything
  15. Caustic
    adj. Like acid; corrosive
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