ACC 584A

  1. What are the Tiebreaker rules?
    • One person is the parent - parent wins
    • Both are parent - one with longer residence
    • Both are parents same time period - parent with higher AGI
    • None are parent - person with higher AGI
  2. What are the dependency requirements?
    • Relationship
    • Abode
    • Age - under 19 or under 24 in school (5mths of year); disabled
    • Support -not more than 0.5 of their own support; not inc. scholarships
  3. What is a Qualifying Relative?
    • Meet tests:
    • Relationship lineal ascendants (parents) collateral ascendants (aunts), certain in-laws (son, father,brother); anyone who lives all year
    • Gross Income - not more than exemption amount
    • Support - TP must provide > 50% of support (excludes multiple support aggreements, children of divorced parents)
  4. What is a Multiple Support Agreement?
    Allows one member of a group providing > 50% of support to claim individual even though no one person provides > 50% support

    Eligible parties must provide > 10% of supportEach eligible party must meet all other dependency requirements

    Example - Allows children of elderly parent to claim exemption for parent when none individually meets the 50% support test
  5. What are the 2 additional requirements to be a dependent in addition to the QC/QR requirements?
    • The joint return (Filing solely for refund of tax withheld No tax liability exists for either spouse Neither spouse required to file return)
    • The citizenship or residency tests (US citizen, or resident of US, Canada, Mexico)
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