ch 5

  1. grace
    gods gift that helps us to stay away from sin
  2. sin?
    rejection of gods love and the choice to live without god
  3. free will?
    choice to sin or not to sin
  4. sanctifing grace?
    gift of being in gods friendship
  5. actual grace?
    the gift to help us avoid evil
  6. original sin?
    sin of adam and eve
  7. concupiscene?
    attraction to sin
  8. actual sins?
    sins that all humans commit in thier live
  9. mortal sin?
    complete turning from god
  10. qualifications of a mortal sin
    • 1. must be serious nature
    • 2. freely made decision
    • 3. sufficient forethought
    • 4.knowledge of the actions sins
  11. vincible
    ingorance through your own negligence
  12. invincible ignorance
    ingorance through no thought of your own
  13. venial sin
    lesser sin
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