1. sensory cortex
    it is well known that cortez had very strong senses.
  2. Temporal Lobe
    I love it to be the perfect temperature when i am hearing and memorizing things
  3. Amgydala
    two almond shaped neural clusters that are components of the limbic system and are linked to emotion
  4. Anterior cingulate gyrus
    Coordinates Sensory Input With Emotions regulates Emotional Responses to Pain and regulates Aggressive Behavior� �HYPERLINK ""�
  5. Association areas
    areas of the cerebral cortex that are not involved in primary motor or sensory functions
  6. Basal ganglia
    They are functionally important, at a minimum, for controlling voluntary movements and establishing postures. �HYPERLINK ""�
  7. Brainstem
    The oldest part and central core of the brain, beginning where the spinal cord swells as it enters the skull
  8. Broca�s area
    an area of he frontal lobe usually in the left hemisphere, that directs the muscle movement involved in speech
  9. Cerebellum
    the little brain attached to the rear of the brainstem
  10. Cerebral cortex
    the intricate fabric of interconnected neural cells that covers the cerebral hemispheres
  11. corpus callosum
    the large band of neural fibers connecting the and carrying messages between them
  12. frontal lobe
    the portion of the cerebral cortex lying just behind the forehead
  13. Pariental Lobe
    My loving parents taught me how to determine the shape size and texture of something
  14. Pineal Gland
    The most grand drink is the pina colada because its full of melatonin
  15. Pituitary Gland Pit
    is the grand master because he controls all other characters on the battle field
  16. Pons
    The pawns stand at the base of the chess board to transmit information to the rest of the pieces
  17. Reticular Formation
    whenever im feeling tired i look at things in rectangular formation to keep me awake and alert
  18. Substantia Nigra
    Contrary to popular belief niagra falls is a substantial source of dopaminergic neurons
  19. Thalamus
    I always use my thermos� when i get ready to relay sensory information, pain and alertness
  20. Ventral Tegmental Area
    Tug of war is a very mental game where you try to get the others in the muddy area, it requires a lot of motivation, thinking right and some say it is addicting
  21. Wernicke's Area
    Wernicke was a renown judge in american idol because of his great ability to interpret sounds
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