English Unit 3 Vocabulary

  1. Ancillary
    Subordinate or supplementary
  2. Bowderlize
    To remove material considered offensive
  3. Condescend
    To come down or stoop to a lower level; deal with people in a patronizing manner
  4. Cozen
    To trick
  5. Enclave
    Enclosed religion inhabited by a particular group of people or having a special character
  6. Forte
    Person's strong point
  7. Gratis
  8. Icon
    Representation of a sacred personage, symbol, object of blind devotion
  9. Interstice
    Small, narrow space between things
  10. Macrocosm
    The entire complex structure of something
  11. Mountebank
    Trickster, swindler, charlatan
  12. Paean
    Song of praise, joy, or triumph
  13. Persiflage
    Lighthearted joking, talking, or writing
  14. Plethora
    Overfullness; superabundance; superfluity
  15. Pragmatic
    Concerned with practical considerations or values, stiff in one's opinions
  16. Quizzical
    Puzzled; equivocal
  17. Rapacity
    Inordinate greed; disposition to obtain one's desires by force
  18. schism
    Formal split within an organziation
  19. therapeutic
    having the power to heal
  20. virtuoso
    Brilliant performer, person with masterly skill
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English Unit 3 Vocabulary
English Unit 3 Vocabulary