HS 351 Ch. 18

  1. Long-term care consumer awareness campaign
    A pilot project established as a cooperative effort between a number of participating states and agencies of the federal government to increase the awareness of the need for long-term care and to measure the impact of planning and the use of private-sector options, including long-term care insurance, to pay for such care.
  2. Social managed care plan (SMCP)
    An organization that offers a Medicare plan alternative with the full range of medical benefits typically offered to Medicare beneficiaries by Medicare Advantage plans, including a prescription drug benefit plus chronic care services. SMCPs target their services to enrollees who are at greatest risk of being admitted to a nursing home to help them remain at home and stay in the community.
  3. Programs of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE)
    Optional benefit programs provided jointly by Medicare and Medicaid that focus entirely on older people who are frail enough to meet their state's Mecicaid standards for nursing home care. The PACE service package must include all Medicare services covered by the state plus all medical, social, & rehabilitative services that enrollees need to (1) preserve or restore their independence, (2) remain in their homes and communities, and (3) maintain their quality of life.
  4. State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)
    A state program that gets money from the federal government to give free health insurance counseling and assistance to people with Medicare.
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