logan kellogg

  1. george washinton
    1789 1st pres.
  2. thomas jeffreson
    3ed pres first secritary of state leading writer of decliaration of independence
  3. alexander hamilton
    secritary of treasurey got shot in duel one of leading federalists
  4. lewis and clark
    explore lousiana purchace sent by jeffreson in 1804
  5. sacagawea
    helped L&C translate
  6. john marshall
    chief justace in court determined fedral and state powers
  7. oliver perry
    leader of navy in war of 1812
  8. james monroe
    monroe docterine 5th president 1817-1825 republican
  9. andrew jackson
    founder of democratic party spoils system beat john Q. adams
  10. John Q. Adams
    1825-29 republican
  11. frederick douglass
    was a slave leading abolitionist
  12. henry clay
    proposer of 1820 missouri comprimise
  13. joseph smith
    founder of morman religion
  14. sam houston
    leader of texans in taxan revolution
  15. antonio santa anna
    leader of mexican in tex revolution
  16. james polk
    11th pres 1845-49
  17. zachery taylor
    12th pres 1849-50 never held political office before presidancy
  18. willian harrison
    9th pres genral of war of 1812 died of cold in 32 days
  19. robert fulton
  20. eli whitney
  21. samuel morse
  22. john deere
  23. jethro wood
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