English Vocab 2.txt

  1. Aegis
    Protection, sponsorship
  2. Apprise
    To inform, give notice
  3. Bibulous
    Fond of or inclined to drink, absorbent
  4. Claque
    Group of people hired to applaud, enthusiastic fans, opera hat
  5. Deracinate
    Uproot, eliminate all traces of
  6. Eleemosynary
    Charitable, provided by charity
  7. Indigenous
    Native, inherent
  8. Lachrymose
    Mournful, causing to shed tears
  9. Lexicon
    Dictionary of a language, compendium
  10. Melee
    Confused struggle
  11. Microcosm
    Minature universe, model og larger scale system
  12. Minuscule
  13. Obfuscate
    To darken, obscure, confuse
  14. Paternalism
    Pratice of governing people as a father would deal with his children
  15. Polarize
    To concentrate around two conflicting positions, cause light to vibrate in a pattern
  16. Purview
    Range, scope of limit of what is provided in a statute
  17. Sanguine
    Havinh a ruddy complexion, optomistic outlook
  18. Solecism
    Gramatical error
  19. Vassal
    Servant, person under protection of someone else
  20. Verisimilitude
    Appearing to be real
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