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  1. Block grants
    Fiscal federalism where aid is given to states w few strings attached
  2. Categorical grants
    Include project and formula grants and aim at assisting the states in health, income security, and education
  3. Commerce clause
    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3, gives Congress authority to regulate interstate commerce and commerce w foreign countries
  4. Competitive federalism
    Began under Nixon (new federalism), stressed downsizing of federal government and more reliance of revenue sharing and grants
  5. Cooperative federalism
    Developed during new deal, federal government more intrusive in states powers
  6. Creative federalism
    Developed during Johnsons Great society, placed major responsibillity on federally funded programs
  7. Devolution
    Political theory of returning power to the states
  8. Dual federalism
    The earliest type of relationship established between the federal government and states, federal governments powers were 'delegated' and the state governments powers wete reserved
  9. Fiscal federalism
    Funding is apporpriated by the federal government to the states with specific conditions attached. Legislation can be in the form of mandates
  10. Funded mandates
    Regulations passed by Congress or issued by regulatory agencies to the states w federal funds to support them
  11. Layer cake federalism
    Federalism characterized by a natiknam government excercising its power independently from state governments
  12. Marble cake federalism
    Cooperative federalism, developed during the New Deal
  13. McCulloch v Maryland
    Established principle that federal government was supreme over the state
  14. New federalism
    Theorized by Nixon, carried out by Reagan, downsizing of federal government and devolution of power to the states
  15. Unfunded mandates
    Regulations passed by congress or issued by regulatory agencies to the states w/out federal funding
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