Chapter 3 GP Vocabulary.txt

  1. Bicameral legislature
    Two house legislature (senate and house of representatives
  2. Checks and balances
    Protect balance of power among three branches of gov
  3. Concurrent power
    Power shared by the state and federal government
  4. Elastic Clause
    Congrees can make "all laws necessary and proper"
  5. Electoral College
    Consists of presidential electors from each state (based on population)
  6. Enumerated powers
    Delegated powers of congress (collect taxes, pay debts, provide for common defense and general welfare, regulatr commerce among the states, coin money, and declare war)
  7. Ex post facto laws
    Laws thay take effect after the act takes place
  8. Executive privilege
    The ability of the president to protect personal material
  9. Federalism
    The division of power between the federal and state government
  10. Full faith and credit
    Mutual respect and legality of laws, public recordd, and judicial decisions made by states
  11. Implied power
    Powers in constitution that are not listed or delegated
  12. Inherent power
    Assumed powers of president not specifically listed in the constitution
  13. Judicial review
    Gives supreme court power to deem actions unconstitutional
  14. Preamble
    Brief introductory statement of the constitution's fundamental purposes and guiding principles
  15. Privileges and immunities
    Guarantees the rights of a citizen in one state will he respected by other states
  16. Recess appointment
    Presidential appointment made when congress is not in session that lacks enough votes in senate for confirmation. Position must be confirmed by senate by end of next session
  17. Reserved power amendment
    Gives states powers not delegated to national government
  18. Separation of powers
    Resulted in establishment of executive, legislative, and judicial branch
  19. Supremacy clause
    The constitution is the supreme law of the land
  20. Unwritten constitution
    Traditions, precedent, and practice incorporated into our form of government that add to the constitutions elasticity and viability
  21. Writ of habeas corpus
    Right to due process of law
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Chapter 3 GP Vocabulary.txt
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