english 100 definitions

  1. accentuate
    1. to give prominence to; to emphasize or intensify 2. to pronounce with a stress or accent 3. to mark with accent mark
  2. alliteration
    • noun- the repetition of the same sounds, usually cpnsonates, especially at the beginings of words
    • "sally sells seashells on the seashore"
  3. analogy
    noun- 1. similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise unlike 2. an explanation of something by comparing it with something similar.
  4. antibody
    noun- a protein prduced in thee blood or tissues in response to the presence of specific toxin, foreign blood cell or other antigen. antibodies provide immunities against certain microorganisms and toxins by binding with them.
  5. aspire
    transitive verb- to have great ambition; desire strongly
  6. bamboozle
    transitive verb- to decieve by elaborated trickery
  7. boisterous
    1. rough and stormy; violent. 2. noisy and lacking restraint or discipline.
  8. boycott
    transitive verb- 1. to act together in refusing to use, buy form, or deal with. especially as an expression of protest.
  9. camoflage
    noun- 1. method of conealing militery troops by making them appear to be pert of the natarual surroundings. 2. protactive coloring or disguise that conceals. 3. cloth or other material used for camoflage.
  10. chronolgy
    noun- 1. the order or sequence of events. 2. a list or table of events analized in order of tome of occurence
  11. bizarre
    adj.- very strange or odd
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