vocab quiz 9/28

  1. lunar
    adj: resembling the moon; round or crescent-shaped
  2. askew
    adj: to one side; crooked
  3. resolute
    firmly set in purpose or opinion; determined
  4. intangible
    adj: not definite or clear to the mind; vague; elusive
  5. apperhension
    n: suspicion or fear of future trouble
  6. gait
    n: manner of walking, stepping or running
  7. imperative
    adj: absolutely necessary or required
  8. imperceptible
    adj: verry slight, gradual, or subtle
  9. capsized
    v: turned bottom up; overturned
  10. apathetically
    adv: having or showing little or no emotion
  11. appeasingly
    adv: in a pacifying way;in such away as to please
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vocab quiz 9/28
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