1. What is STP and mean free path?
    Standard temperature and pressure, which is 0 degrees Celsius and 1 atm. Mean free path is the distance traveled by a gas molecule between collisions
  2. If a gas is a mixture of compounds, it will be.... Over time....
    As well, the kinetic molecular theory states that (4 things)
    It will be homogenous, as all gases are miscible. Over time gravity causes denser gases to settle beneath less dense gases if the temp are low enough. A model that states that ideal gas molecules have zero volume, exert no forces other than repulsive forces due to collisions, gas molecules make completely elastic collisions, and the average kinetic energy of a gas molecule is direcly proportional to the temperature of the gas
  3. What is the ideal gas law, followed by all ideal gases? As well, all gases behaving ideally will occupy the same... and it is?
    PV = nRT. n is moles of gas and R is the gas constant. They will all occupy the same volume, called the standard molar volume of 22.4L.
  4. The kinetic molecular theory can be applied to mixed gases, where the formula is...
    Dalton's law states... The average kinetic energy of a mole of gas (not molecule) is...
    • Pa = χPtotal where the mole fraction is ngas/ntotal
    • Dalton's law states that the total pressure exerted by a gaseous mixture is the sum of the partial pressures of each of its gases.
    • K.E. avg = 3/2RT = 1/2mv2rms
    • These equations are valid for any fluid system
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