History of Cosmetology

  1. Greek word kometikos means:
    skilled in the use of comsmetics
  2. Haircutting and hairstyling have been practiced since:
    the glacial age
  3. Henna is a dye extracted from:
    the leaves of an ornamental shrub
  4. Women in ancient Rome used hair color to indicate:
    their class in society
  5. The barber pole, symbol of the barber-surgeon, has its roots in the early practice of:
  6. The first permanent wave technique that did not require the use of a machine was invented by :
    Evans and McDonough
  7. A client desiring a new wave pattern will require the services of a :
    texture service specialist
  8. To be a successful salon manager, is it important to have:
    the ability to supervise people
  9. The salon industry has grown trememdously and annually grosses:
    $50 billion
  10. There has been a huge growth in day spas, which offer many specialized treatment including all the following except:
    botox treatment
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