1. long A
    a, a-e, ai, ay/eigh, ei, ey, ea

    Vacation came on a rainy day and eight reindeer didn't obey and took a break
  2. long e
    e, ee, ea, y/e-e, ie, ei, -ey

    He can see each piece of candy these chiefs receive from the donkey
  3. long I
    i, i-e, -igh, -y/ie, y-e

    I need time tonight to bake my pie and eat it in style.
  4. long o
    o, o-e, oa, ow/ou, oe

    Go home to your boat/ and show your shoulder and toe
  5. long u
    u, u-e/ue, ew, eu

    Unite and build a cute statue with a few men from Europe
  6. short i
    i, -y

    Is Izzy at the gym?
  7. short u
    u, /o, ou

    I glued gum in my mother's oven in the country.
  8. short e
    e, ea

    best bread
  9. schwa sound
    • single syllables in unaccented syllables.
    • A relative sent a golden invitation to hear a composer at the museum.
  10. long oo sound
    oo/ew, u/u-e, ou, ue, ui, eu

    At the zoo I drew a conclusion. I would follow the rule to eat soup with blue fruit with her in a neutral place.
  11. short oo

    good book pushed under a bush
  12. jaw dropper sound
    au, aw/augh, ough

    In August I saw your daughter I thought
  13. oi sound
    oi, oy

    coin boy
  14. er sound
    er, ir, ur/or, ar, ear

    Her firm turn with the tractor left a triangular tracking mark. We heard the wheels squeak.
  15. hard s sound
    s, -ss, c/sc-

    sing, kiss, and celebrate your science paper
  16. k sound
    c, k, -ck/ch, -que

    A cat and her kittens lick milk at Christmas in a boutique
  17. f sound
    f, -ff, /ph

    Find the cliff on the graph
  18. g sound
    g/gh, -gue

    green ghosts all in a league
  19. L sound
    l, -ll

    a little hill
  20. n sound
    n, /kn-, gn-

    no/knight can sign with blood
  21. m sound
    m, /-mb, -mn

    I saw him climb in autumn
  22. d sound
    e, -ed

    dark and doomed
  23. t sound
    t, -ed

    He was tall and kicked high
  24. ch sound
    ch, -tch

    My chin has an itch
  25. soft g sound or j sound
    j, g, -dge

    Judge George stood on the bridge
  26. sh sound

    I wish for a new machine
  27. r sound
    r,/wr-, rh-

    I ran and wrote a rhyme
  28. soft s sound or z sound
    z, -s- (surrounded by vowels)

    a zebra sniffing on a rose with its mighty big nose
  29. -tion sound
    -tion, -sion

    The nation was in a recession
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