5th Grade Vocab. Ben, bene, bon=good, well

  1. a good blessing in a religious service
    Benediction (n)
  2. a good person who offers help or donates money
    benefactor (n)
  3. having a good outcome; favorable
    beneficial (adj)
  4. a person who receives something good from someone else such as an inheritance
    beneficiary (n)
  5. to gain or receive good results from something
    benefit (v)
  6. kind; good-hearted
    benevolent (adj)
  7. favorable; having a good effect; not harmful
    benign (adj)
  8. in good faith; authentic; genuine; real
    bonafide (adj)
  9. anything good that is received over and beyond what was expected
    bonus (n)
  10. French for "have a good trip"
    Bon voyage (n)
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5th Grade Vocab. Ben, bene, bon=good, well
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