GRE 11

  1. abut
    v. border upon; adjoin
  2. agnostic
    n. one who is skeptical of the existence of a god or any ultimate reality
  3. animadversion
    n. critical remark; an unfavorable or consorious comment
  4. archipelago
    n. group of closely located islands
  5. automaton
    n. mechanism that imitates actions of humans
  6. bemused
    adj. confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
  7. catapult
    n. slingshot; hurling machine
  8. circuitous
    adj. roundabout
  9. contempt
    n. scorn; disdain; 경멸; 멸시
  10. deign
    v. condescend; stoop; 황송하게도...하여주시다.
  11. diaphanous
    adj. sheer; transparent
  12. exhort
    v. urge
  13. fervent
    adj. ardent; hot
  14. forestall
    v. prevent by taking action in advance
  15. geniality
    n. cheerfulness; kindliness; symptathy
  16. gruff
    adj. rough-mannered
  17. hue and cry
    n. outcry
  18. impetus
    n. moving force; incentive; stimulus
  19. incursion
    n. temporary invasion
  20. jaundiced
    adj. prejudiced (envious, hostile, or resentful); yellowed
  21. mordant
    adj. bitingl sarcastic; stinging
  22. nondescript
    adj. undistinctive; ordinary
  23. peripatetic
    adj. walking about; moving; pertaining to Aristotle, who taught philosophy while walking in the Lyceum of ancient Athens
  24. placid
    adj. peaceful; calm
  25. prescience
    n. ability to foretell the future
  26. prurient
    adj. having or causing lustful thoughts and desires
  27. rampant
    adj. growing in profusion; unrestrained; violent in action or spirit
  28. remission
    n. temporary moderation of disease symptoms; cancellation of a debt; forgiveness or pardon
  29. retrograde
    v. go backwards; degenerate
  30. scabbard
    n. case for a sword blade; sheath
  31. similie
    n. comparison of one thing with another, using the word like or as
  32. spurn
    v. reject; scorn
  33. supererogatory
    adj. superfluous; more than needed or demanded
  34. terrestrial
    adj. on or relating to the earth
  35. travail
    n. painful physical or mental labor; drudgery; torment
  36. welt
    n. mark from a beating or whipping
  37. monastic
    adj. related to monks or monastries; removed from worldly concerns
  38. nihilist
    n. one who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless; absolute skeptic; revolutionary terrrorist
  39. panache
    n. flair; flamboyance
  40. pique
    • n. irritation; resentment
    • v. provoke or arouse; annoy
  41. prelate
    n. church dignitary
  42. leaven
    v. cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven
  43. hoodwink
    v. deceive; delude
  44. impenitent
    adj. non repentant
  45. incredulity
    n. tendency to disbelief
  46. disquietude
    n. uneasiness, anxiety
  47. ensue
    v. follow as a consequence result
  48. exculpate
    v. clear from blame
  49. foodhardy
    adj. rash
  50. grisly
    adj. ghastly
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