Vocabulary- social studies- community 1 and 2

  1. culture
    a way of life shared by a group
  2. communication
    the sharing of information
  3. government
    a group of people that make rules and solve problems for a community
  4. business
    workers make or sell things or do things for others
  5. museum
    people visit to see objects from other places and times, such as clothing from the past
  6. laws
    rules that a community makes
  7. community
    a group of people who live and work in the same place
  8. citizen
    a person that lives in and belongs to a community
  9. climate
    is the weather that a place has over a long period of time
  10. dessert
    a place where the climate is dry
  11. landform
    is a kind of land
  12. goods
    are things that can be bought or sold
  13. service
    is work that someone does for someone else
  14. banks
    are businesses that keep money safe
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Vocabulary- social studies- community 1 and 2
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