Vocab 4

  1. Abstract
    • -thought of apart from an=y particular object, not concrete, hard to understand,difficult, abstruse
    • Syn: profound, visionary, summarize, abridge,extract, abridgement,digest,compendium
    • Ant:Concrete
  2. Ameliorate
    • to make better
    • Syn:more tolerable,satisfactory, prosperous, improve, mitigate, relieve, improve
    • Ant:destroy, worsen
  3. Appropiate
    • suitable, proper, fitting, meet correct
    • Ant: inappropiate, incorrect, unsuitable
  4. August
    • inspiring reverence and admiration
    • Syn majestic, venerable, imposing, stately, grand, noble
    • Ant: lowly, common, simple
  5. Beguile
    • to trick or mislead(to deceive)
    • Syn:deceive, cheat, delude, divert, entertain, amuse,
    • Ant: to be honest with, concentrated
  6. Behoove
    • to be necessary for, to be proper for
    • Syn proper
  7. Bemoan
    • to moan about or weep for, bewail
    • Syn to mourn, lament, grieve
  8. Corpulent
    • large or bulky of body, fat, stout, fleshy
    • SYN: portly, obese
  9. Demure
    • seeming more modest and proper than one really is, coy
    • Syn: prim, serious, thoughtful, sober, grave, sedate
  10. Devoid
    • entirely without or wanting, empty, lacking, destitute of
    • Syn vacant, void
    • ANt: occupied, full, adequate
  11. Dextrity
    • skill in using the body generally, cleverness, right-handedness
    • Syn: skillfulness, insightfulness, smartness
    • Ant: slugglishness, stupidity
  12. Diabolic
    • very cruel or wicked, devilish, fiendish
    • Syn: satanic, infernal
  13. Disseminate
    • to scatter widely, spread abroad
    • Syn: diffuse, promulgate, scatter
    • Ant: collect, gather, together
  14. Duplicity
    • practice of secretly acting one way and openly acting in another in order to deceive
    • Syn: deceitfulness, double-dealing, treachery, dissimulation, lying
    • Ant: honesty, truthfulness
  15. Enthrall
    • to captivate, fascinate, charm
    • Syn: entertain, charm
    • Ant: bore, to make disinterested
  16. florid
    • highly colored, ruddy
    • Syn: rubicund, much ornamented, flowery, showy, ornate
    • ANt: washed out, pale
  17. foible
    • a weak point, weakness
    • Syn: failing, frailty
    • Ant: virtue, strength
  18. Frenetic
    • excessively excited, frantic, frenzied
    • Syn: tense, hyper, insane
    • Ant: calm, relaxed,
  19. Grievous
    • hard to bear, causing great pain or suffering, severe
    • Syn: distressing, outrageous, flagrant, atrocious, heinous
    • ANt: joyful
  20. Imbue
    • to fill the mind of, inspire
    • Syn: permeate, pervade, impregnate, saturate, dye, tinge
    • ANt: empty, drain from
  21. Loquacious
    • talking much
    • Syn: pert
    • Ant: taciturn, silent
  22. Nefarious
    • very wicked, villainous
    • Syn: heinous, atrocious, infamous
    • Ant: sainted, holy, good
  23. Ostentatious
    • done for display, intended to attract notice
    • Syn: showy, spectacular, pretentious, gaudy
    • Ant: understand, low key, modest
  24. Pert
    • free in speech or action, saucy, bold
    • Syn: impudent, impertinent, stylish, jaunty, expert, skilled, sharp, clever, adroit
  25. Piatiable
    • deserving pity and contempt
    • Syn: lamentable, deplorable, to be scorned, mean, contemptible, miserable
  26. Plaintive
    • expressive of sorrow, mounful, sad
    • Syn: melancholy, doleful, sorrowful
    • Ant: jouful, merry
  27. Prevaricate
    • to turn aside from the truth in speech or action; lie.. to speak evasively
    • Syn: equivocate
  28. Propinquity
    • nearness of blood, kinship
    • Syn: closeness
    • Ant: distance, remoteness
  29. Recant
    to take back formally or publicly, withdraw or renounce, retract, to give up
  30. Relinguish
    • to give up, let go, release, resig,
    • Syn: abandon, surrender, give up, release
    • Ant: hold on to, maintain, retain
  31. Restive
    • restless, uneasy, hard to manage
    • SYn: intractable, refractory, balky
  32. Sappy
    • full of sap, juicy
    • Syn: vigorous, energetic, silly, foolish
  33. Supplicate
    • to beg humbly and earnestly, address an entreaty
    • Syn: entreat, beseech, petition
    • Ant: insist, demand
  34. Scrupulous
    • very careful to do what do what is right
    • Syn: conscientious
  35. Unctuous
    • like an oil or ointment in texture, oily, greasy
    • Syn: soothing, sympathetic, and persuasive, blandly, ingratiating, insincerity, phony
    • Ant: sincere, truly earnest
  36. Zeal
    eager desire or effort, earnest enthusiasm, fervor
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